How do I prepare for a StunConference?


Before the StunConference:

Your teacher will tell you the "Big Topic" for the StunConference. Do some research on your own, watch a video or two, talk to your guardians about the topic. Your teacher may provide you with some resources to prepare, follow the instructions. You don't have to be an expert, but you want to have some ideas.


As you do your research, think of topics or ideas you would like to discuss. Perhaps you have a question or simply would like to know what others thought.


Post your idea(s) for sessions on the Session Wall and peruse the ideas others have posted. The break-out sessions are driven by you, the students, so your topics for discussion will shape what the StuConference will be.

  • If another student posted an idea similar to yours, don't post it again, simply attend their session.

  • Not everyone needs to host a session. You are either a participant or a leader.  You may decide to lead one session and be a participant in another.  


Make a copy of the StunConference Note-Taking document. 


Once everyone that wants to lead a session has posted their topic on the Session Wall, decide which sessions you will like to attend. Remember that if you are hosting a session, you cannot attend any other sessions being held at the same time because you need to lead yours!