“The Future” Project


Task: Design a team presentation or video about what the future will look like according to you and your team.


What To Do:

Step 1: Discuss group roles in your teams (no bigger than 3) and look over individual and group participation rubrics.


Step 2: In teams, brainstorm ideas on what the future will look like. Use your notes from StunConference Round 2 to help you.


Step 3: Develop a project calendar of what you will accomplish each day and when you will accomplish it.


Step 4: Choose a webtool. Remember that you are working in teams so the webtool you choose should support collaboration. You may also choose to use Google Slides or WeVideo.


Step 5: The finished video or presentation should demonstrate the imagination and creativity of the group, as well as contain original ideas. There is no time limit or number of slides required.

Step 6: Your team will have one week to complete this assignment. If you finish the project before the full week, practice presenting. All team members will present in front of the class.